Hello, I'm Bryson. But before we dive deeper, let's explore the heart of the operation – Make Happy Printing. This endeavor didn't burst into existence overnight; it took about two years to form its roots. Fresh out of college, I landed a job with screen printing company. Luck was on my side, granting me abundant time and access to equipment that others lacked. That's where the journey began. I pondered: What possibilities could this opportunity unveil? What could I craft?

So, I shifted into high gear, generating fresh ideas week after week. Each new week marked the birth of a t-shirt, a concept either from my own mind or with help from others. But let's be candid – the relentless pace eventually hit a roadblock. Enter burnout. Yet, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. This pause led me down a path of introspection.

So where am I now? I'm circling back to my artistic roots, revisiting the college days when I immersed myself in long-term projects that filled me with a profound sense of achievement. Somewhere along the journey, that essence slipped away. The rush for speed, the allure of rapid success – they overshadowed the very core of creation. Restlessness set in, propelling me to push hard even if it meant sacrificing a part of my passion.

Now, a new chapter unfolds. I'm embracing the journey as much as the destination. My aim is to craft pieces that showcase my skills and fill me with genuine pride. But there's more to it than just personal aspirations. It's about the collective energy surrounding me. I want people around me to look at my creations and feel an unmistakable connection and sense of pride.

Yes, I'm slowing the pace, concentrating on the essence of our designs. We're shaping pieces that hold stories, layers, and significance – steering clear of a mechanical, assembly-line approach. I'm stepping back into the role of an artist, eager to discover where this path will lead.


Hello once more, I'm Bryson Chauvin – both the owner and sole force behind Make Happy Printing. My journey into the realm of art sparked when I was a kid, collecting temporary tattoos in a binder. Back then, I'd ask family to pick a design, and armed with my trusty marker set, I'd create intricate drawings on whatever limb they extended my way. That's where the seeds of my artistic passion were sown.

Fast forward to high school, where I dove into art classes and thrived. But as fate would have it, college took me on a detour – I started studying economics. Yet, one design class in my second semester changed everything. My professor saw something in me, urging me to switch to visual arts. And just like that, I was captivated. I emerged from college with a degree in my hands, a degree in visual arts with a focus on new media and digital art.

Life after graduation hit me like a puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere. Like many, I grappled with what to do next. It was around this time that I began working at a screen printing shop – a place that remains my stomping ground even today. During these crossroads, a thought took root: why not venture into creating my own clothing brand on the side? And so, I began conjuring designs, but soon realized that just designing for design's sake lacked the spark I sought.

This triggered a deeper contemplation about the future I envisioned. It turns out, my heart had always yearned for travel, camping under the stars, and crafting things with my hands. The allure of transforming a car or van into a cozy camping haven had been a longtime aspiration, and the mere sight of videos showcasing national parks or distant lands left me in awe. It was then that the stars aligned, and I reshaped my company to align with my dreams.

But here's the twist: it's not in the way you'd expect. My focus wasn't solely on creating products related to those passions. Instead, my aim was to craft a business that would afford me the freedom to embrace those pursuits. While my current job holds its charm, it's confined to the confines of a 9-to-5. Traditional jobs hardly cater to spontaneous camping trips or extended travel. So, my ambition was to intertwine a business I enjoy with the balance I crave. A business that empowers me to "Make Happy," not only for myself but for others who seek that equilibrium too.


The inspiration for the leaf motif emerged during a moment of contemplation while seated on a bench in my backyard. In a state of introspection, I found solace in the company of a leaf, absentmindedly crafting a miniature face on its surface with my fingernail. There was a deep resonance in that fragile moment – a leaf, striving for joy amid its inevitable decay. It was during this exchange that my girlfriend joined me outside, initiating a conversation that would shape the course of my business.

Her suggestion was simple yet profound: transform this leaf-inspired notion into a T-shirt design that could kickstart my venture. Taking her advice to heart, I translated the idea onto paper, meticulously sketching out the design. Although the leaf design didn't materialize into a shirt, it resonated as the perfect embodiment of my brand's essence.

Thus, that very leaf, a symbol of resilience and a reminder of life's fragility, seamlessly evolved into my emblematic logo. It encapsulates the delicate dance between happiness and the transient nature of existence, a visual metaphor for my journey and the path I've chosen for Make Happy Printing.

As for the name, a nod to the growing fame of Bo Burnham in light of his special "Inside," yes, it is indeed an homage to him. Bo Burnham has held a profound influence over me for quite some time. My connection with his work traces back to his first Comedy Central special, a connection formed when I was likely in middle school. I was drawn to the self-awareness woven into his comedy – the intricate balance between artist and audience, expectations and personal aspirations. His struggle mirrored my own quest to unearth happiness, to navigate the intricate path of creation, and to craft something that resonates on a deeper level. His special "Make Happy" felt serendipitously fitting, encapsulating the essence of my endeavor – to rediscover joy within myself and share it, in turn, with others.

And thus, Make Happy Printing becomes not just a business venture, but an extension of my journey, a tribute to introspection and inspiration. A pursuit to embrace happiness and, perhaps, ignite it in the hearts of others.